Ceramics Courses at MAC Birmingham

Alongside designing and making my own Ceramics I teach on various ceramics courses at MAC Birmingham throughout the week. These courses are for adults and are as follows;









Image credit: Kate Green Photography


Introduction to Ceramics
Covering basic hand building techniques in clay, including coiling, throwing and slab building, take home finished pieces and an understanding of the art of clay and ceramics.

​Contemporary Ceramics

Explore and experiment with exciting ceramic processes which will take you on a journey through the construction, decoration and realisation of your design ideas in ceramic.

​​Ceramics Workshops in Schools

I also run ceramic workshops within schools on a daily or half day basis. These can de designed to fit in with a curriculum theme, topical subject or inspired by an Artist or Art Movement. Techniques covered include coiling, slab-building, low-relief work and sculpture. Arrangements can be made for the firing of work if there is no kiln at school or air drying clay can be used






Ceramics Consultancy and Training in Schools

I provide a consultancy service to schools, advising and training Art Departments on the teaching of Ceramics within a school environment, this can also include the technical aspects of glazing and loading and firing kilns.

Please contact me to discuss your requirements.