"Combining industrial processes and the finest bone china, I produce elegant, pure white, functional forms with an element of playfulness to interest and excite the senses, inviting user interaction.


Inspired by the ethos of Scandinavian design with its functionality, honesty of materials and simplicity. My work is primarily focused on creating perfectly handmade functional pieces with simple clean lines and an elegant silhouette.


I first model each new shape in solid plaster on my lathe and from this I make a plaster mould. Each handmade piece is then slip-cast in fine bone china, fettled, then dried out and fired. I dip each piece into a glossy transparent glaze before its second firing to compliment and enhance the pure clean lines.The final firing is for the backstamp, Wendy Tournay, Handmade in England”

See where my work is featured in local spaces: 

Wendy Tournay Ceramics’s Wescover Map

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